About us

Applied Science Venture (SGP) Pte Ltd was established in 2003. Headquartered in Singapore, we are housed in our own building -- the 170,000 sq ft, multi-purpose NutzCentre. We are an innovative company, always aspiring to innovate and to create practical and user-friendly products by applying the principles of Science and Engineering. We strongly believe in collaboration via joint ventures on Research & Development (R&D) with local and foreign companies to promote innovation amongst Singaporeans. This is achieved through co-operation with new and aspiring inventors in their research and development programs while instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in these individuals.

We strive to create positive, long term business relationships and take pride in seeing our concepts evolve and mature. We also create new opportunities and new markets for our customers through the development of innovative products. Our goals in product development are to create the most practical and user-friendly products that are applicable in everyday life.

We are committed in our approach towards R&D programs and endeavour to form our own initial core team of R&D personnel. This team will comprise of administrators, engineers, marketing personnel and technicians who specialise in their own fields.

To enjoy the challenges of creating patentable technology, which we rapidly translate into highly marketable products for our customers and to provide ultimate satisfaction for all consumers.